Head of Department

Dr. Habib Hussain

Welcome to the Department of Basic Sciences and Humanities at UET, Narowal campus. The department presently has four Ph.D. faculty members and six lecturers.  The faculty members are highly experienced, committed and determined to develop and offer world-class teaching and research. They serve on various editorial boards of national/international journals. Their research interests cover a broad range of topics, which include Imine complexes, organic synthesis, asymmetric synthesis, polymer chemistry, nanoparticles & composite materials, super capacitors, lithium-ion batteries, photocurrent response, water splitting, photo-catalysis, geometric analysis, functional analysis, mathematical physics & algebra, fluid mechanics, cosmology, sociolinguistics and applied linguistics. Total research publications from the faculty members, in national/international journals, have exceeded 110. The department is aimed to build foundation for excellence in broad fields of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Linguistics at undergraduate level by igniting interest and passion. It has well-equipped Chemistry and Physics laboratories with state-of-the-art research facilities where students perform advance level experiments to enhance their technical approach.  The department is continuously modernizing laboratories to promote research and development (R&D) collaborations with industries. Dr. Habib Hussain Head of Basic Sciences and Humanities Department

Faculty Members

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