UET Narowal Science Mela

UET Lahore Narowal Campus is thrilled to announce the upcoming “UET Narowal Science Mela,” and we extend a warm invitation to all educational institutes within the district of Narowal to be a part of this grand celebration of science, innovation, and learning. This event promises to be a unique platform for students, educators, and enthusiasts to showcase their scientific prowess, explore cutting-edge technologies, and share their passion for knowledge. The UET Narowal Science Mela aims to foster a spirit of curiosity and creativity among the youth while promoting scientific inquiry. It’s a wonderful opportunity for schools, colleges, and universities to join us and exchange ideas. We look forward to your enthusiastic participation in making this event a remarkable success that will undoubtedly contribute to the growth of scientific awareness and education in the Narowal district.

Event Date: December 14, 2023

Prizes: Winners will have the opportunity to receive enticing cash prizes as a token of appreciation for their outstanding contributions to the world of science and innovation.

So, come and join us on this thrilling expedition of exploration and innovation!



Science Projects (Class 2 to 10): A platform for young students to showcase their creative and scientific ideas, encouraging early exploration and innovation.

IT Projects (class 11 and 12): A category designed to promote information technology projects, fostering the development of tech skills and problem-solving abilities among college students.

Final Year Project (University Students)

Final Year Projects: An opportunity for university students to exhibit their comprehensive and innovative projects, showcasing their academic and technical powers.

Robo War Competition: An exciting competition for university students where they can engage in robotics and engineering challenges, competing in a thrilling “Robo war”.

Programming Competition: A challenging arena for university students to test their programming skills, problem-solving capabilities, and innovation in the world of coding and software development.