Scheme of Studies

Applicable from 2020 Session

Nature of Academic Session Undergraduate
No of Semester 8
Duration of Academic Session 4 years
Total Number of Courses       45
Total Credit hours   135

  Semester 1    
Course Code Course Title Credit Hrs Prerequisites
CS-161 Programming Fundamentals 3-1 None
CS-102 Introduction to Computing 3-1 None
HU-102 Functional English 3-0 None
MA-123 Calculus 3-0 None
PHY-111 Applied Physics 2-1 None
ME-100L Workshop Practice 0-1 None
Total Cr’s 14-4

  Semester 2    
Course Code Course Title Credit Hrs Prerequisites
CS-162 Object Oriented Programming 3-1 Programming Fundamentals
CMPE-222 Digital Logic Design 3-1 Applied Physics
HU-240 Psychology 3-0 None
HU-111L Communication Skills (Lab) 0-1 None
MA-224 Multi-Variaite Calculus 3-0 Calculus
MA-343 Applied Probability & Statistics 3-0 None
IS-XXX Quran translation I 1-0 None
Total Cr’s 16-3

  Semester 3    
Course Code Course Title Credit Hrs Prerequisites
CS-261 Data Structures and Algorithms 3-1 Object Oriented Programming
HU-221 Technical writing and Presentation Skills 3-0 None
CS-271 Computer Organization and Assembly Language 3-1 Digital Logic Design, Programming Fundamentals
MA-234 Linear Algebra 3-0 None
CS-261 Discrete Mathematics 3-0 None
Total Cr’s 15-2

  Semester 4    
Course Code Course Title Credit Hrs Prerequisites
CS-262 Database Systems 3-1 Data Structures and Algorithms
CS-263 Operating Systems 3-1 Data Structures and Algorithms
MA-228 Differential Equations 3-0 Multi-Variate Calculus
CS-272 Design and Analysis of Algorithms 3-0 Data Structure and Algorithms
CS-273 Theory of Automata 3-0 Discrete Mathematics
IS-XXX Quran translation II 1-0 None
Total 16-2

  Semester 5    
Course Code Course Title Credit Hrs Prerequisites
CS-364 Information Security 3-0 Discrete Mathematics
CS-371 Artificial Intelligence 3-1 Data Structures and Algorithms
CS-301 Professional Practices in Software Development 3-0 None
CS-39x Computer Science Elective-1 3-0 None
CS-165 Software Engineering 3-1 None
Total 15-2

  Semester 6    
Course Code Course Title Credit Hrs Prerequisites
CS-373 Computer Networks 3-1 Operating Systems
CS-39x Computer Science Elective-2 3-0
CS-39x Computer Science Elective-3 3-0  
CS-380 Graph Theory 3-0 Discrete Mathematics
CS-372 Parallel and Distributed Computing 3-0 Operating systems
IS-XXX Quran translation III 1-0 None
Total Cr’s 16-1

  Semester 7    
Course Code Course Title Credit Hrs Prerequisites
CS-465 Final Year Project-I 0-3 None
CS-471 Compiler Construction 3-1 Theory of Automata and Formal Languages, Data Structures and Algorithms
CS-49x Computer Science Elective-4   3-0  
IS-101 Islamic & Pakistan Studies-I 3-0 None
CS-49x Computer Science Elective-5   3-0  

  Semester 8    
Course Code Course Title Credit Hrs Prerequisites
CS-466 Final Year Project-II 0-3 Final Year Project-I
MGT-414 Entrepreneurship & Business Management 3-0 None
IS-201 Islamic & Pakistan Studies-II 3-0 None
HU-XXX International Language 0-0 None
MGT-424 Leadership Startigies 3-0  
IS-XXX Quran translation IVs 1-0 None
Total Cr’s 12-4

List of Computer Science Elective Courses

Course Code Course Title ACM Knowledge Area
CS-381 Computer Architecture Architecture & Organization
CS-481 Real Time Systems Architecture & Organization
CS-382 Operations Research Computational Science
CS-383 Simulation and Modelling Computational Science
CS-384 Introduction to Data Science Data Science
CS-385 Internet of Things Data Science
CS-482 Big Data Analytics Data Science
CS-483 Cloud Computing Data Science
CS-386 Database Administration Databases
CS-387 Database Performance & Optimization Databases
CS-388 Database Backup & Recovery Databases
CS-389 Distributed Databases Databases
CS-484 Data Warehousing Databases
CS-581 Graph Databases Databases
CS-582 Web semantics Databases
CS-351 Computer Graphics Graphics & Vision
CS-485 Computer Vision and Image Processing Graphics & Vision
SE-325 UX/UI Design HCI
SE-221 Human Computer Interaction HCI
CS-487 Ethical Hacking Information Assurance & Security
CS-353 Management Information Systems Information Management
CS-488 Information Retrieval Information Management
CS-354 Natural Language Processing Intelligent Systems
CS-355 Data Mining Intelligent Systems
CS-489 Machine Learning Intelligent Systems
CS-490 Soft Computing Intelligent Systems
CS-491 Wireless Networks Networking and Communications
CS-492 Internetworking with Unix TCP/IP Networking and Communications
CS-390 System Programming Operating Systems
CS-391 Web Technologies Platform Based Development
CS-392 Game Development Platform Based Development
CS-393 Open Source Software Development Platform Based Development
CS-493 Enterprise Application Development Platform Based Development
CS-394 Mobile Application Development Platform Based Development
CS-494 E-Commerce Platform Based Development
CS-395 Introduction to Programming Languages Programming Languages Fundamentals
CS-396 Object Oriented Analysis and Design Software Design
CS-397 Design Patterns Software Design
CS-495 Software Design & Architecture Software Design
SE-211 Software Requirements Engineering Software Engineering
SE-331 Software Quality Engineering Software Engineering
SE- 332 Software Measurement & Metrics Software Engineering
CS-497 Intro to Program Analysis Software Engineering
CS-498 Formal Methods Software Engineering
SE-442 Software Re-Engineering Software Engineering
SE-441 Software Project Management Software Project Management
CS-583 Leading Software Teams Software Project Management
CS-584 Habits of Highly Effective Software Engineer Software Project Management
CS-585 Personal, Team and Executive Software Processes Software Project Management
CS-586 Logical Paradigms of Computing Theoretical Computer Science